Sound Walk am Rossplatz

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Werkleitz Festival 2017 Nicht mehr, noch nicht

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Werkleitz Festival 2017 Nicht mehr, noch nicht Workshops
Sound Walk am Rossplatz
29. 10. 2017


Robert Nasarek (DozentIn)

At a sound walk around Rossplatz the sound collector Robert Nasarek will offer the chance to explore, analyse and record the everyday sounds of the city. Based on the situationist concept of the dérive, the event is not so much a targeted search as an attentive listening experience while moving around, yielding a heightened awareness of urban sounds.

Radio Corax will also be on hand. Together with Robert Nasarek they will broadcast a selection of the recordings made during the walk at 95.9 FM. For several years now Nasarek, a political scholar and historian, has been mapping select sounds of the city of Halle (Saale) and presenting them at http://soundmap.

Recording devices will be made available to participants.
Since the walk is limited to eight participants, please register by sending an email to

Meeting point: Festival centre, Große Ulrichstr. 12, 06108 Halle (Saale)