Übergordnete Werke und Veranstaltungen

Film programme: World of Speech

Sofern real

AT 2015

The point of departure of Sofern real [In as far as it’s real] are the interviews that Miriam Bajtala conducted with three female actors and one male actor about their very unique profession: playing mentally ill patients for medical students. In the film the actors portray five individuals with very different disorders. They demonstrate conditions and behaviours, talk about (im)possible appropriations and about acting techniques for entering another person’s body. A house with no furniture and a performer create an associative space around these interviews. On the boundary between documentary and fiction, the individuals in Sofern real alternate between the actions of showing, depicting, remembering, speaking, acting and simply being.

Miriam Bajtala, AT 2015, 30 min

Excerpt "Sofern real"