Root Event

2. Werkleitz Biennale 1996 Cluster Images

Parent Event

BRD 1994

Condensed into a frantic whirl of black-and-white pictogrammes interspersed with clipped documentary interviews, the soap opera galaxy is revealed as an endless loop of never- changing TV storyless taken from TV-programme weeklies whose essence is the narrative salto mortale and comic-strip anecdote. Beyond this, however, the authors« collective creates a wholly new symbolic pictorial language by matching even the most intricate twists in the stories with irresistibly funny, astonishingly imaginative graphics. “Subversive TV fun” is the blunt message conveyed by the five underDOGs of the Berlin video scene whose cooperative title and location, “Botschaft”, means message too.
(catalogue - Surfing Systems)


video, 4:16 min