Übergordnete Werke und Veranstaltungen

Singularity and Resonance

DE 1996

If a bowling alley was suddenly closed down by art, what would these art works look like? There would probably be a need for some relationship and a necessity to be created for the images, with which this occupation would be convincingly justified. In agreement with the users, a collection of material was created by the performers Gido Dietrich and M. Vänçi Stirnemann during the festival. Consisting of found objects and locally acquired products, they reproduced the time-place relationships of the community, the exhibition situations and the living conditions of those who are now and necessarily present here. In the final action, both arranged the objects and the territory in order to connect in a subtle analysis the space, the objects, the market situation after the fall of 1989 and the local production conditions. While one, kneeling on the ground, endlessly repeating the continuous procedure of stroking, smoothing, and wringing the leather-covered sports equipment, the second, whose worktable consisted of parts of gymnastics equipment, cut and divided bacon and violently pounded the leftover rinds with a knife and meat tenderizer into a single product. The revealed rules of an unequal game stem from the differences between production and turnover in the distribution of goods and continue to characterize the economic gap between East and West.

Martin Conrath


Singularität und Resonanz