Übergordnete Werke und Veranstaltungen


Searching for the Impossible: Metaphysik, Parallelwelten und Offenbarungen


Borrowed from Joel Tauber, Searching for the Impossible is the title for a programme concerned with a great variety of movements in search of individual revelation.

We begin with the often posed question of what is to be done in a world full of options and chances, in which we have lost orientation due to the thousands of possibilities. If the complexities of today's turbo-economies and post-post-modernities present us with questions of meaning and identity, parallel worlds represent a welcome salvation for the ego. Escapism helps us to flee the realities of complex everyday life. Here I'm free! Here I can be myself! Be it consumption or worlds of play or invented imaginary realities, the possibilities of identity shifts offer transcendental moments of experience and supersensory experiences of space.

If we surpass the realm of the physical, entering the realm of the metaphysical, as in rituals of liberation and fleeing the world, we get a bit closer to the meaning of existence. For what is the world if not a temporary home from which we occasionally need to flee to other spheres to explore meaning and truth. But not only our inner world, the endless universe also offers material for the supersensory: for we're convinced that somewhere out there is hyper-intelligent life that is millions of years ahead of us in the search for meaning. If only we could meet them and ask them, allowing the impossible to become true.