Sachsen-Anhalt durch die Galaxis

DE 2002

Following a crash landing, a group of young aliens is left stranded in Calbe, Saxony-Anhalt. Their first analyses seem to show that the town is uninhabited, but a trip into Calbe ends tragically with the death of two crew members. Panic breaks out on board the spaceship, and preparations are made for an emergency launch. But the chances of success are slim.

This short film was made during a workshop with the Friedrich Schiller Gymnasium theatre group in Calbe. The dialogue between the aliens on board their ship have been borrowed from the crew of the Nostromo in Ridley Scott’s film Alien, and re-edited into the mouths of the aliens in Calbe Encounters of the Third Kind. Frightened and desperate, they now face an unfathomable phenomenon: Calbe.

Theatre group of Fr.-Schiller-Gymnasium Calbe & Micz Flor, video (loop approx. 24 min.) with accessories, 2002. Venue: Jugendclub Werkleitz.

Cast: David Alkewitz, Christiane Lichtenfeld, Monika Rombusch, Franziska Schmalisch, Julia Schmitt, Anna Wondrak, 1st camera: Jörg “Katsche” Drefs, 2nd camera: Anja Schütze, Juliane Fischer, Camera in Calbe: members of the theater group, Producer: Juliane Fischer, Director and editor: Micz Flor

Sachsen-Anhalt durch die Galaxis



Ausstellungsbeitrag, Film