Sa Nule

NL 1996

Most people cannot imagine what it means, driven by hunger and war, not to see your own reflection in a mirror for a whole year. This happened to the refugees who settled in Kamp Kuplesnko, on the border between Bosnia and Croatia. And when they eventually saw their own faces, they were all shocked to see their ageing and emaciated countenances. Marjoleine Boonstra portrayed several of them, while they watch themselves without much comment, clearly shocked about their aged and emaciated features. They hardly dare to look at themselves. Their eyes restlessly wander along the contours of their faces. Gradually the refugees start asking questions. They say not to know how they must face the war atrocities, not ot mention how to look someone in the eyes who is them, but who they do not recognise.

Marjoleine Boonstra, NL 1996, 10 min

Film "Sa Nule"