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Residence Time

DE 2018

Due to the existential importance of salt for humans the city of Halle (Saale) was able to amass great wealth by commoditizing the brine naturally found there. The “white gold” extracted from brine was a coveted product that established privileges and special freedoms for the city’s residents.
Inspired by the importance of salt for the city of Halle and based on local research, the U.S. American artist Candice Lin presents a new installation that offers a framework for a speculative science-fiction museum. This work formulates an alternative narrative for the historical gap in the salt history of Halle between the years 300 BC and 961 AD. With a selection of exhibition objects from the Halloren- und Salinemuseum Halle (Saale), as well as research reports that have actually been published, literary sources and artistic objects, Candice Lin reconstructs a time period in Halle in which the human population was mostly female. The artist, who in her work generally explores questions of gender restriction, colonialism and the usurpation of the resources of non-privileged groups, shifts the narrative of patriarchal rule and opens up a space for a multilayered model for living together in a community.

Residence Time, 2018
lightbox, printed material, ceramics, salt, sheetrock, brine shrimp, water cooler, and various mixed media.

Residence Time