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werkleitz Festival 2008 Amerika

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Three readings on American themes - first
20. 10. 2008

Eight students of The Art of Speech & Phonetics at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg will present excerpts from American literature. 

The first in the series of three readings will feature ‘re-education classics’, written by representatives of the Lost Generation (1) and distributed in Germany in the wake of World War II: Ernest Hemingway’s short story, A Way You’ll Never Be from the Nick Adams Stories; Thomas Wolfe’s The Company, an early critique of forms of marketing; and Jerome D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, a novel of adolescent angst, which after having been temporarily indexed (2) became a canon of school literature. Holden, the main character, belongs somewhere between Goethe’s and Plenzdorf’s Werther.

(1) Lost Generation: Gertrude Stein coined this description of the inter-World War young generation.

(2) The book landed temporarily on the censored index in Australia and elsewhere. The persistent use of slang, a major feature of the book, is precisely what caused it to be censored. The first German translation, published in 1954 under the title, Der Mann im Roggen (The Man in the Rye), failed utterly to capture the spirit of the original and was a flop. Heinrich Böll revised it in 1962 yet he, too, translated the key term “fuck you” only as “… you”.

All three readings take place in the Galerie Durchlauferhitzer. They were jointly initiated by ‘Sprechbuehne’, the performance platform of the department of the Art of Speech & Phonetics at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg. Creative director of the programme of readings is Martina Haase. The following students will read: Almuth Hattwich, Ulrike Kerrmann, Hannah Kreft, Anni Lehmann, Franziska Löhr, Stephan Meurer, Jakob Mücksch and Juliane Peterson.