Rainbow's Gravity

DE/UK 2014

"Each colour got its place on the celluloid. The meadows were from then on green, the sky blue, the clouds white, and the roses red. All other combinations were declared war upon. Do you remember these images? No, I don't remember. At least I don't remember their colours. My memory is in black and white. Black&white like in TV documentaries about National Socialism, later. My memory is black/white, although colour footage existed back then. Black/white distances me from the images. It freezes the pictures. Black/white is real but colour is truer. Colourfast is truer than true. In the mid1930s, a new colour film process was developed in Germany. In the Agfa film factory in Wolfen. Agfacolor Neu. Three layers of emulsions are superimposed on the celluloid: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow turn into Red, Green, Blue."

Kerstin Schroedinger, DE/UK 2014, 33 min

Rainbow's Gravity