Radio Dynamics

Root Event

Werkleitz Festival 2016 Trans-Positionen

Parent Event

Film programme Farbige Klänge
Radio Dynamics
US 1942

At the very beginning of the silent film Radio Dynamics, the painter and pioneer of abstract film Oskar Fischinger clearly demonstrates that by opting not to use sound the attention of the viewer is most effectively placed on the rhythm of colours: Please! No Music – Experiment in Color-Rhythm. Colourful geometrical forms come together to form a mosaic-like image made up of harmonic structures. “That Fischinger was interested here in physiological perceptual effects becomes apparent in one passage in which a flickering effect and shifts, fluctuations and vibrations in colour are created through the use of extremely rapid cuts and positive-negative contrasts.” (Sandra Naumann)

Oskar Fischinger, US 1942, 4 min