Übergordnete Werke und Veranstaltungen

Publit Block

DE 2003

For a long time Anne König and Jan Wenzel have had the wish to return to and use radio plays the way it can be done with texts in books; to be able to listen to them again, to quote or comment on them. But as opposed to the medium book, until now hardly any public places have been established where radio programmes are collected and lent out. The archives of the broadcasting stations operating under public law understand themselves as production archives. Radio dramas and documentaries are stored there to be broadcast again. Individual access to these stocks is not provided for. The essayistic radio play "Publit Block" deals with the found footage sound montages of Ferdinand Kriwet. Coming from concrete poetry and with a good command of the formal concepts of New Music, he began making the language of the media his theme starting in the mid 1960s. His radio pieces are early examples of working with the library stocks of radio stations.

"Publit Block" is based on interviews that Anne König and Jan Wenzel conducted with editors, archivists and lawyers in radio stations.

IE Science-Fiction-Hörspiel für Halle-Neustadt, Theaterfestival "Hotel-Neustadt", 2003