Übergordnete Werke und Veranstaltungen

Press Conference with Marcel Duchamp

DE 2006

"There's nothing at all mystical about the immortality of the soul. It seems to me much more mystical to think there's nothing after death." (Marcel Duchamp)

Since art studies and art history represents a constant and in part futile dialogue with deceased artists by way of work analysis and the study of biographical information, Julia Kissina seeks out the direct line of communication and relies on spiritualist practices in her performance.
Taking Duchamp's statement as a starting point, Kissina directs her questions to the deceased to find out how his mystical experience has turned out.

By summoning the soul of the avant-garde artist by way of a floating tea saucer, answers to many unsolved questions of modern art (caught in a dead end) can be found. Duchamp's spirit is summoned along with other deceased greats of the avant-garde in the presence of the audience in Volkspark, and is available for audience questions in the framework of a "press conference."

Seance with Julia Kissina

Pressekonferenz mit Marcel Duchamp