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Praise You

GB 2001

The much-sung-about but not further identified vis-à-vis in the title, Praise You, of the British musician Fatboy Slim is paid a special kind of tribute in this music clip. Not only are associations with the Shaker rituals of the 19th century triggered, but also with contemporary dance improvisations that in shopping malls or in front of venues of the entertainment industry serve to undauntedly advertise for a new product or a new conviction.

Since 1988 Fatboy Slim is working as soloartist in collaborations or with different pseudonyms (Mighty Dub Katz, Pizzaman, Son of a Cheeky Boy, Freak Power, Norman Cook) without sticking to one specific style of music. With his numerous remixes he caused a new form of danceable electronic music called 'Big Beat'.

(Introduction by Angelika Richter)

Music by Fatboy Slim, directed by Spike Jonze
3:40 min

Praise you auf youtube.com