Übergordnete Werke und Veranstaltungen

Phase Orkestra

DE 2015

Over the last four years Matt Gingold has been building ‘Orkestras’ that simultaneously enact and reflect upon technology in contemporary society. In Phase Orkestra the methodologies and aesthetics of social media, particle physics, techno (party) culture and algorithmics are intentionally entangled – mirroring the often hidden relationships between technology, politics, spirituality and commerce. Part science experiment, part shamanistic sculpture, Phase Orkestra is an exacting arrangement of light, sound and space, designed to stimulate the body at the (sub)liminal edge of perception. The workis a complex, yet humorous attempt to induce a ‘quantum of affect’ via frequent phase modulations of unknown, unspeakable and (possibly) impossible forces.

"What is affect...if not representation's own essential 'out-of-phaseness' with itself?" Joan Copjec ‘May ‘68 The Emotional Month’ in Slavoj Žižek (ed) Lacan: The Silent Partners (2006), p94.

audiovisual installation

Grant: May–July 2015, Werkleitz (DE)

Phase Orkestra, Matthew Gingold (AU)