Übergordnete Werke und Veranstaltungen

Ore Orientation : Clouded in Veins

DE 2017

The lights and shadows in the work Ore Orientation : Clouded in Veins by the German-Irish artist Mariechen Danz are always shifting. It is the subjective companions of cartographies that change depending on the viewers’ perspective and position in the exhibition space. Routes, points and sections tell of proximity and distance, of the logistical organization of the world in cultures and territories, of the subjective methods of representation that humans have used for centuries to describe the world. On large aluminium plates presented as central projections of the hemisphere midpoints, diagrams and informational charts have been perforated, cut and in some cases printed. Like over-sized circuit boards they convey a two-dimensional, seemingly systematic array of elements, referring and staking claims by means of scientific elaboration to a history recorded by humans.
At another point in the room the viewer encounters organs. Here the organization of the human body in blood vessels, synapses and cells is presented as a flowing information network. The human body is here both an illustration of medical knowledge and part of a cultural image that it serves to represent.

Ore Orientation : Clouded in Veins, 2017-2018
mixed media installation

Ore Orientation : modular mapping system, in cooperation with Genghis Khan Fabrication Co., 2017
screen printing on aluminium, rusted steel frame
each 180 x 180 x 3

Ore Orientation : Clouded in Veins, 2018
HD video
sound: Gediminas Zygus
production: Andrea Huyoff
editor: Sarah Clara Weber
camera: Felipe Frozza

Learning Organs / Soil Samples, 2011-2018
various material and dimensions

Ore Orientation : Clouded in Veins - script layers, 2018
costume of children's drawings and digital print on various textiles

Ore Orientation : Clouded in Veins