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One Year Performance Piece 1980 - 1981

US 1981

Statement (April 1980)

I, Sam Hsieh, plan to do a one year performance piece.
I shall punch a Time Clock in my studio every hour on the hour for one year.
I shall immediately leave my Time Clock room, each time after
I punch the Time Clock.
The performance shall begin in April, 11. 1980, at 7 p.m. and continue until Aptil, 11. 1981, at 6 p.m.

Explanation of Procedure for Sam Hsieh's One Year Performance

In order to avoid any suspicion of cheating on the piece, I have prepared the following steps:

  1. I shall have a witness sign each of the 366 time cards for the total one year performance. He will sign a statement agreeing not to sign any additional time cards.
    He will also sign and seal the Time Clock. At any time repair or adjustment of the Time Clock is needed, he will return and witness it.
  2. With a 16mm movie camera, I shall document each time I punch the Time Clock by shooting one frame. At the completion of the performance, the witness will confirm that the film is unedited.
  3. To help illustrate the time process, I shall begin the performance with my head shaved bald and allow my hair to grow back naturally.

Tehching Hsieh (US), One Year Performance Piece 1980 - 1981, Video, 6:00 min, col

One Year Performance 1980-1981 (Time Clock Piece)



Ausstellungsbeitrag, Film