Übergordnete Werke und Veranstaltungen

one does not do what one wants, but nevertheless anything goes

DE 2004

By combining material from classical and electronic music and short-circuiting performances with unusual venues, Christian von Borries practices the antithesis of faithful, self-referential interpretation. With his uncompromising technique of collage, he opposes the limits of a bourgeois concept of music and art. In his newest production, "one does not do what one wants, but nevertheless anything goes", Christian von Borries combines quotes of authors with excerpts of a polemic by Lawrence Lessig, which turns into an implicit critique of capitalism. In the process, these different pieces of information become a sound event, the transition to music in the broadest sense occurs. Interviews with biennial visitors will be additionally integrated. Through this open process, the production will undergo diverse changes during the course of the biennial. The piece can be taken along on CD.