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Film programme: World of Speech

Not I

UK 1977

In Not I we see nothing but a black-rimmed mouth emitting a ceaseless flood of words. Overwhelmed by the speed of the memories and the urgency of the need to speak, the protagonist, played by Billie Whitelaw, relates episodes of a life full of deprivation. Samuel Beckett wrote Not I in 1972 and a year later the play premiered at the Royal Court Theatre in London. The film version made by the BBC in 1977, co-directed by Anthony Page, was rebroadcast by German Süddeutscher Rundfunk (SDR), which between 1966 and 1986 also commissioned Beckett with several television productions. A masterpiece of public television drama, the high cultural and educational standards of which came to an end with the rise of private stations.

Samuel Beckett, UK 1977, 13 min

Film "Not I"