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My Throat, My Air

DE 2013

Set in Munich’s petty-bourgeois Westend, My Throat, My Air documents life at home with former Fassbinder actor, Warhol collaborator, and horror movie director Ulli Lommel. Rather than a straight documentary portrait of this bohemian household, the camera prefers to follow the narrative impulses of the family members. Lost in serious play, the kids improvise hypnotic death scenes while their mother claims to come from a planet where everything is “ethereal and incorporeal.” As parent-child relations are un-scripted and re-scripted on the fly, the dilated time of a collective daydream is punctuated by the ordinary sounds of an electric toothbrush, vacuum cleaner, and piano. RS

Video HD, color, 17 min., 2013, with: Lovely Brown, Delia Rau, Zion Brown, Tea Brown, Ulli Lommel.

Excerpt "My Throat, My Air"