My Browser

Root Event

werkleitz Biennale 2006 Happy Believers

Parent Event

My Browser
NL 2002

“All of Me is His, like a second Me. I am saved and fixated in the Browser I have to leave behind on earth.”
My Browser describes the fictional existence of a browser that accompanies man from birth to death, and develops alongside him. Its intelligence allows it to interpret its keepers acts and serve accordingly. It knows its keepers needs, forms his memory and is left behind as his legacy to future generations. More than just a tool, its behaviour could be described as the ultimate personification of a higher authority.

Laurens Orij, Bob Stel and Merijn Verhagen together form Crabsalad, a young designer agency for moving images. They conceive and produce design formats for companies and broadcasting channels. Apart from commissioned work, they make autonomous works, such as video clips and short video works.

Crabsalad, NL 2002, 3 min, video, dutch with english subtitles