Übergordnete Werke und Veranstaltungen

Mutter Vater ist tot

FR 1987

"Mutter Vater ist tot" is a work about recollection and identity. Has that really occured to me or have I just heard it so many times, that it seems to me as my own recollection? "I didnt understand their language and no one cared who I was. However it didnt matter because when I came round I still didn`t know who I was. I was suffering complete amnesia. I got burned so badly, that they had to give me a new face. My jaws were totally shattered, that I lost all my teeth. Major parts of the skin were transplanted. I was just liying there, wrapped in bandages, plastic surgery went on continiously. One day my ability to recollect returned: slowly I found out."

U-Matic LB, 7 min