Übergordnete Werke und Veranstaltungen

Modell Deutschland

DE 2002

In anticipation of the upcoming German elections, “Modell Deutschland” presents research on the continuity of political propaganda between East and West Germany as reflected in election posters from the 70ies.

Approximately ten different motives will be publicly displayed via one hundred 100 x 70 cm sized poster reproductions. Juxtaposed with more recent poster examples and commentary on utdoor banners, the themes and issues conveyed by the earlier models becomes recontextualized, subject to new interpretations and further scrutiny over the validity of their promises.

During the course of the Biennial, visitors and inhabitants alike are asked to contribute their reactions and memories in the form of a survey. These surveys will be collected and a forum for further discussion will take place via the Internet.

Martin Conrath, Marion Kreißler, Installation aus 104 A1-Wahlplakat-Reproduktionen (13 Motive) sowie drei Fassadenbannern (2002): Magdeburger Modell (4x4,30m), Friede den Hütten… (2,12x2,35m) und Verantwortungsgemeinschaft für den Frieden… (3,5x58m, insgesamt 203qm). Venue: Tornitz und Werkleitz.

Modell Deutschland