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Mao-Hope March

US/SE 1966

Mao-Hope March was a filmed demonstration that Fahlström produced and then showed during the performance 'Kisses Sweeter than Wine', New York City, October1966. Seven young people marched down Fifth Avenue along Central Park carrying heavy placards with no texts but with six photos of Bob Hope and one of Mao Tse Tung. Squalling winds threatened to tear away the placards but the demonstrators struggled on. Radio reporter Bob Fass recorded people's comments and posed the same question to all who passed by: "Are you happy?".

By 1973, Fahlström decided to present 'Mao-Hope March' as an independent work of art, and made it available as a rental film.

US/SE 1966, 16mm, 4:30 min, OF

Mao-Hope March