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Malinovy zvon

RU/DE 2006

Malinovy Zvon is the portrait of a village in post-socialist Russia where the Eastern Orthodox church has re-gained its footing, until one day a Protestant Finnish priest surfaces and threatens to topple the new order. „Malinovy Zvon in Russian means „beautiful, light sound“. The term can be traced back to the a carillon that Peter the Great brought from the Flemish city of Malines (Mechelen) to St. Petersburg, and thus stands until today for the eternal conflict between 'Russian' and 'European' tradition. In the film, a song with the same name is sung in honour of the Finnish guest.
The filmmaker once before portrayed this village in her film Rural Lessons (2004). In this new version, however, the religious conflict is moved to the centre of attention. It was made as part of an EMARE fellowship for the 7th Werkleitz Biennale.

Alina Rudnitskaya is director and scriptwriter for documentary films. Her short films are mostly produced for the renowned St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio and describe the new Russian society. Communal Residence and Amazons were shown at the 6th Werkleitz Biennale.

Alina Rudnitskaya
RU/DE 2006, 30 min, russisch mit engl UT