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Mais im Bundeshuus – le génie helvétique

CH 2003

Mais im Bundeshuus – le génie helvétique is a vertiginous journey down the corridors of the Federal Parliament building in Bern/Switzerland. Constructed as a feature film, it follows the adventures of a parliamentary committee established to create a bill on genetic engineering (Gen-Lex). This political thriller reveals both sides of the coin, namely that of those who have invested economic interests and of those who fear the negative effects of this revolutionary technology. Amusing, tender, and humane, all the while clearly illustrating the limits of the system, the film functions as a tale of universal power.

CH 2003, 35mm, 90 min, OF mit engl. UT
Schweizer Filmpreis 2004, nominiert als einer der zehn besten europäischen Dokumentarfilme des Prix Europe.

Mais im Bundeshuus – le génie helvétique