Übergordnete Werke und Veranstaltungen

Love and Security

US 2012

The subway is a powerful symbol. In graffiti culture, the subway has a mythological status as a hard to reach target, and as a reminder of graffiti’s origins on the New York public transit lines. For every one else, the subway is something that belongs to the city’s inhabitants, something that we see and touch every day as we take the train. Still, the subway is out of reach. It is hidden away in tunnels under the city and protected by security, cameras and police. All contact with the subway follows an exact and constructed pattern and any movement out of that pattern is prohibited. As a media for painting, the subway is taboo. We broke into the Vienna subway system to record the video Love and Security. In that moment we were present as naked humans, vulnerable and exposed, among giant steel cars, surveillance systems and electric tracks, equipped with nothing but paint. On the spot, confronted with the untouchable subway, with our fears and the closed doors behind us, we left our traces along with a message that is simple and clear: We were here. We exist. The public transport authorities treats the immaculacy of the trains as their highest priority. No subway will go into traffic with paint on it. By filming the act and publishing the video, we made sure that our traces will never disappear. It is our hope that anyone who has seen the images will keep them in their mind as they go on the subway. Our paintings may have never travelled through the city, but they will travel through the internet forever. (A.activities)

HD, col, 4 min

Video "Love and Security"