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Lord of the Flies

KU 1990

Lord of The Flies is an experimental documentary, a filmic metaphor on the collapse of the Soviet Union and the resulting change of ethical and moral Understandings. Like in all his films Vladimir Tyulkin chooses a method of focussing on a comprehensive micro cosmos representing human society. An old man, isolated from society, has created his own „state“. The civilians of this „state“ are his animals, who create together with the old man an autarchy life circle. When f.i. a dog dies, the corpse is used to grow maggots. These are fed to the chickens and the chickens serve as food for himself, the dogs and the cats. As we observe this old man in his so called „state“, he his reflecting on the relationship between the powerful and the subordinates, the Soviet Union, Gorbachev and Perestroika.


Vladimir Tyulkin (KZ), Lord of the Flies, 1990, 35mm, 45 min, col

Lord of the Flies