Übergordnete Werke und Veranstaltungen

Light People in the Swamp of the Sun - Studies on Life Reform

D 2002

Around the turn of the century, a number of groups were formed that can be summed up using the term “Lebensreform (Life Reform)”. These part utopian, revolutionary, reactionary and reformist approaches characterized the most varied attempts to break free from the Empire of the day: the national, capitalistic and monolithic Wilhelmian Reich. In view of their diverse developments of parallel conceptions of life, the Life Reform movements were certainly predecessors of today’s identity and group constructions formed via lifestyle conceptions. At the time, however, some of these approaches lent a sense of “metaphysical depth to the arising National Socialism. Other groups were, quite to the contrary, persecuted by the society of the Third Reich, and incorporated or forced into line, which again produced a monolithic homogeneity. The video, which Stephan Dillemuth wanted to create on this group of themes, was bound to fail due to its complexity – the profusion of images cannot be subdued. Instead of presenting a finished product, a dance on these fragments and problems is to take place in cooperation with TANZGRIPPE TOKKEN.

Performance of Stephan Dillemuth (D) and Tanzgrippe Tokken, 2002.