Lebensart im Mansfelder Land

Lebensart im Mansfelder Land
27. 11. to 28. 11. 2015
Lutherhalde bei Wimmelburg

We are going to strive through the Mansfelder Land, which has strongly been imprinted by mining activities as well as their decline. The gainful business with copper schist mining had lured the father of Martin Luther to Mansfeld. Until today the slag pile near Wimmelburg and Eisleben testifies about his active role as salesman in mining. Here is the starting point of our tour. Our way leads further through the ground villages Hergisdorf, Ahlsdorf and Helbra. In the evening at Mansfeld castle we would like to collect our impressions around the campfire and note them down. The last stop on this trip is going to be Luther’s parents’ house on the following day. 

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