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Land Shape #1

DE 2019

We see through the eyes of a machine: lines, rectangles, squares. A reduced world, minimal and harsh.

A documentary view of cornfields that reveals geometric shapes and describes a landscape that has been distanced from „nature“. We also see: beauty, precision, destruction.

Using bird’s-eye view, Thadeusz Tischbein examines what this visual information can tell us about the relationship between landscape and its utilization, about a machine-friendly world, about the urge to bring the world into order. This landscape is only a utility space, used for food and energy production for urban consumption. Here the harvest becomes a solvable geometric task, efficiently managed by GPS and drones. Few people are enough to completely harvest a large field in less than two hours. Then they disappear from the gray picture and create new lines, rectangles, squares.

By the way, the farmer of today works aesthetically in the landscape and generates typical forms for the Land Art, both in terms of the gigantic dimensions, as well as the materiality. In the film these only temporarily existing structures are not only documented, but further condensed into a geometric play of shapes.

DE 2019, 5 min

All shots were taken around Schöppingen/Germany.
Here, 80% of the total cadastral area is utilized for agriculture.
Flax used to be widely cultivated, being one of the oldest cultivated plants to produce textiles.
Nowadays corn is planted in mono-cultures at most fields.
It is used to produce energy, fuel and animal food.
With a little help of machines, only 3% of all employees work in the field of agriculture.

Award Winner – KURZSUECHTIG Filmfestival. Leipzig/Germany (Best Film Experimental)

Shortlist – TRANSFER Architecture Video Award 2019. Zurich/Switzerland („Land shape #1“)

Land Shape #1 Trailer