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La Pintura Contrataca: Colección Primavera/Verano 2012

MX 2012

La pintura contrataca: Colección Primavera / Verano 2012 by Adriana Lara is a video clip for the new ad campaign of the brand that conquered the clothes market, the new season’s catchy vintage-style foulard which set the trend for this spring. We fell for it. For Adriana Lara, the creative act is inevitably linked to subtle irony. The title that inspired this work comes from an article published in a major Mexican newspaper. It refers to the attempt by some Mexican art dealers to have painting reconquer the central place it once had as the official, institutional art; a role it lost when new forms of expression emerged, such as the art of the aforementioned artist. Self-irony. The article, however, implies another important aspect of it, translated in Adriana’s film into a shared critique: The art market imposes trends that move away from the theoretical or ideological discourse, provoking effects on a global scale. The result is an inevitable homologation and loss of local identity – in art as in the world of fashion. The film is the second part of a project begun in November 2011 with a fashion show/performance in a Mexico City gallery. On both occasions, the music was by Emilio Acevedo, who partnered Adriana Lara several years ago in an irreverent project of hers many of you will most likely remember: Lasser Moderna.Author: Eva Sangiorgi

Film, 7 min

La pintura contrataca (Colección Primavera / Verano 2012)