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DE 2011

Surrounded on all sides by the Leipzig/Halle airport, the A 14 and A 9 highways, and the high-speed railway line running between Erfurt and Leipzig, the village of Kursdorf lies on the western border of the state of Saxony. Of the 300 residents that once lived here only 30 remain. Everyone else moved away in the course of the airport’s expansion. Due to the reduced ban on night flights Leipzig/Halle is an important cargo and military hub, which has led to a dramatic rise in air and noise pollution. With long camera shots Kursdorf depicts the situation of the remaining residents, whose work and lives are closely intertwined with the airport, which they cannot live with but cannot live without. A quiet portrait of Germany’s loudest village.

Michael Schwarz, DE 2011, 15 min

Kurzfilm "Kursdorf"