Übergordnete Werke und Veranstaltungen

Kunst und Gesellschaft im Dialog I – III

DE 2009

The trilogy by Sebastian Blank is a series of machinima videos, which are shot within a computer game. Sebastian Blank has therefore modified the game »GTA San Andreas« and placed (art) objects into the existing game world. He then put himself into the observer’s position. As a result of the modifications, situations evolve, where computer driven inhabitants of the virtual world are confronted with art - something the makers of the game could not foresee. In different situations Blank alleges an intentional behaviour, which in context with the objects, makes the people become performance artists. This, and the adaption of a video by Pipilotti Rist, also poses the question about the real consequences of virtual actions.
(Sound in Part III by Anders Guggisberg & Pipilotti Rist)

DE 2009, part I: 6:02, part II: 4:17, part III: 3:33 min

Kunst und Gesellschaft im Dialog I