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It Wasn´t Love

US 1992

In „It Wasn't Love", Benning illustrates a lustful encounter with a „Bad Girl", through the gender posturing and genre interplay of Hollywood stereotypes: posing for the camera as a rebel, the platinum blonde, the gangster, the 50's crooner, and the heavy lidded vamp. Cigarette poses, romantic slow dancing, and fast-action heavy-metal street shots propel the viewer through the story of the love affair. Benning's video goes farther than romantic fantasy – describing other facets of physical attraction including fear, violence, lust, guilt, and total excitement. As she puts it, „It Wasn't Love, But It Was Something" it was a chance to feel glamorous, sexy, and famous all at the same time.

From the catalogue of Filmwinter 1996.

Sadie Benning (US), Video, 20 min, 1992