Übergordnete Werke und Veranstaltungen


DE 1996

With his project „inter-est“, Rainer Gottemeier has laid a dense and concrete network of social, spatial and temporal relations between the two parts of the community and visionary places. Based on church records, he registered all the current inhabitants of the community, copied their names onto transparencies and tied the sheets together with maps of foreign places to create a book for each community, which he laid out in the church of the respective other community. Viewable under glass, but otherwise inaccessible, a videotape projection takes over the act of page-turning in perpetual memory, and just as, alternately, the transparency is related to the present, the actual memory would remain diffuse without the repetitive call. The calls correspond to Gottemeier’s visionary concepts, which he built, inspired by a sentence by Roland Barthes, erected as an upright sign, as a word pillar between remembering and forgetting on house walls, gates and windows.

Martin Conrath

Buchobjekte, Video