Übergordnete Werke und Veranstaltungen


JP 2005

Our internal struggle to engage meaningfully with the world around us and leave our mark, as witnessed in the work of Tsui stems from the difficult relationship with our own true self, or the purest core of our being that remains largely unseen and untranslatable to most people with whom we connect or interact. Goh Ideta's overwhelmingly sublime structure, insideout, offers a representation of this dichotomous relationship between that which we know is our purest sense of self and that which is projected onto us, layered onto us in ways that construct a superficial, yet readable, sense of our individual selves. The beauty in Ideta's meticulous wooden construction lies in its transparency, in the clear view of the core from which light emits and casts a shadow on the wall of the space, creating another layer we acknowledge but can also permeate. In the moment of experiencing Ideta's installation, there is quiet comfort in witnessing the strength of the inside and conceding the fragility and intricacy of the outside layers by which it would normally be concealed.

Text by Jan Schuijren and Angela Pohlman (From: Traces of the next)

installation, timber, light bulb
Courtesy the artist