Film Programme

Initiatives in urban space

DE 2017

Freiimfelde, a district of the city of Halle, is in a state of transformation. Abandoned for years, neglected and forgotten, the area has become an experimental field for new approaches to city development. Halle was once the city with the most abandoned buildings in all of Germany. This was especially the case of Freiimfelde, which is separated from the city centre by the main train station. In 2012 the urban design project Freiraumgalerie began creatively utilizing empty buildings and transforming Freiimfelde into an urban canvas by means of graffiti and street art. The activities of local and international artists generated new public awareness for the district. Four years later the preconditions for long-term development seem to be in place, as manifested in the conversion of an empty lot into a public park by dedicated residents. The documentary film Abgefärbt allows the individuals involved to speak for themselves and explores the possibilities and limitations of resident participation in light of the current debate around forms of temporary usage, redevelopment and the gentrification of urban residential and public spaces. Abgefärbt will be screened for the first time for an audience as part of the film series *Nicht mehr, noch nicht.**

  • Due to unresolved legal issues, the film is still at the stage of the rough cut, so unfortunately Abgefärbt will not be part of the festival's exhibition.

Introduction and moderation: Daniel Herrmann, Florian Wüst
With special guests: Fabian Fess, Gerrit Pawliczak
Followed by a public discussion with protagonists of the film and urban political actors from other districts of Halle

Große Ulrichstraße 12 Festivalzentrum 06108 Halle (Saale)