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Holiday on Ice

DE 1998

This is now the site of a huge Décollage of the Grand Master of Nouveau Réalisme Mimmo Rotella, now 81 years old, who gained international fame in the Sixties with its poster rippings. Here we are confronted with a 3 x 6 metre poster which advertised the „Holiday on Ice" show on the streets of Milan in October 1989. Now fixed onto steel plates and removed from its original context it becomes a ready-made object and the traces of its destruction become pictorial gestures. Despite its pictorial power and monumental nature, the work almost seems to belong here in the Station Cafe, it seems as though the workers who cleared out the station simply forgot to take it down or put off removing it because it was so unwieldy. But in the East Germany of 1989 there were no such billboards – apart from those which served the propaganda machine of the State. As a found object, „Holiday on Ice" tells of a time which never existed here, or perhaps also of a year which presaged the great slide in the imploding GDR.

Mimmo Rotella (I), Holiday on Ice, train station Calbe Ost, former restaurant, collage on steel plates, 4 segments, 300 x 600 cm, 1989

Holiday on Ice