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Halle-Neustadt – Stadt der Chemiearbeiter

DDR 1975

Kurt Barthels’ documentary film Halle-Neustadt – Stadt der Chemiearbeiter starts in Berlin. The goal of the national housing programme is to provide best conditions for fulfilling the peoples’ needs in the worker- and farmer state. Therefore, the film, which is commissioned by the construction ministry, tells the proud story of the"Stadt der Chemiearbeiter“, a city built for 100.000 inhabitants – ranges from site scouting in the periphery all the way to the planning proccess, the laying of the foundation stone 1964, the housing production with prefabricated construction and the protection of the city right 1967 and the „socialistic life oft he community“ in the living complex centres. „Halle-Neustadt“ is described as a vital city, which is still under construction. „It’s all for the well-being of the people“, as stated at the end.

Kurt Barthel, DDR 1975, 20 min