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Geld ist erstmal das Wichtigste

DDR 1976

The television report Geld ist erstmal das Wichtigste [Money Is the Main Thing] examines the views of workers at the Mansfeld Combine on the subject of work and wages. In 1951 Wilhelm Pieck remarked to miners in Mansfeld that work was becoming increasingly a matter of honour and distinction. Almost 25 years later the miners interviewed on their pay day state that they primarily go to work in order to earn money. Taking Otto Kiene (Thomas Münzer Shaft, Sangerhausen) and Vera Konetzka (Hettstedt Rolling Mill) as examples, the film explores what has come of Wilhelm Pieck’s prediction. As brigade leaders both do good work in their collectives and demonstrate their will to exceed the goals designated in the working plans.

Janos Gyarmati, DDR 1976, 34'