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Film programme: Colourful Sounds

geht’s noch

DE 2005

Michel Klöfkorn’s early animated video geht's noch [are you crazy] is part of the project Sinfonie des Überflusses [Symphony of Excess]. The music video for the techno piece by Roman Flügel of the same name varies and alienates images from television and print: stock market reporters, politicians and passers-by are harassed by a swarm of mobile phones, football stars fight against a ball that keeps reproducing itself, bright yellow food packaging explodes, fragments of porn movies fill the screen. Here mass media are no longer a reflection but rather a twisted caricature of society, serving not to organize but to reinforce the endless flood of information and consumption machinery that is overrunning everything.

Michel Klöfkorn, DE 2005, 5 min

Clip "Geht's noch"