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Fragmentierte Architektur

DE 2009

Fragmented Architecture

Video- and Sound Performance / Installation

Ursula Scherrer (USA/CH) – video
Ludger Hennig (DE) – software-instruments
Markus Markowski (DE) – prepared guitar + live-electronics

Sheets of transparent fabric hang throughout the space. Projected images are seen on both sides of the diaphanous material and appear like an echo on the next surface. The space is filled with complex, many layered soundscapes which move asymmetrically through the room. The sounds flow among the projections and disappear in the darkness. The contours of the space dissolve and are constantly redefined. Light-architecture meets sound-architecture – a room that moves within itself.

Scherrer mixes video live with an old fashioned video mixer taking the analog noise for its random tremble of images. They break apart and re-assemble. She focusses on the linear of architecture with the organic of nature. The sound projections are realized through eight randomly placed speakers. Hennig and Markowski are connected through musical expression and gesture.
Ursula Scherrer together with Ludger Hennig and Markus Markowski project a labyrinth in which the audience and the artists are immersed to see, hear, pause and get lost. The audience is encouraged to sit, to lie down or to move freely through the space.

Video- und Sound Performance / Installation

Fragmentierte Architektur – werkleitz Festival .move 2009