Fertigung nach Maß

Root Event

Filmprogramme 17. und 18. Oktober, jeweils 19:00 und 21:00 im Zazie Neustadt und die neuen Städte
Fertigung nach Maß
18. 10. 2014

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Die Frankfurter Küche, Paul Wolff, D 1928
Medienzentrum Frankfurt

At the latest with the 1950s technical progress was setting foot into domestic homes. New products started to shape every-day life: saving of labour by economisation – at work as well as at home. However people took ambivalently the idea of urban planning which would likewise aim for efficiency and functionality as well as for social mixture. West Germany always propagated and supported private housing parallelly with collective housing in blocks of flats. Fertigung nach Maß (Custom-made production) considers social and economical contexts of urban development. The programme leads from the Frankfurter Küche (Frankfurt kitchen) over GDR’s chemical production programme into presence with a film on the highest squat on earth: a skyscraper in central Caracas which once was planned as a financial centre but had never been finished as such. A few month ago the squat has been liquidated after eight years of existence.