Übergordnete Werke und Veranstaltungen

Window to the street


Students of the HFG film class of prof. Rotraut Pape (HFG Offenbach / Main) present current video works in Videorama.

With works by Leslie Bauer, Jos Diegel, Boris Dörning, Merlin Flügel, André Kirchner, Andrew Meyer, Eva Münnich, Aleksandar Radan, Maximilian Reimann, Oliver Rossol, David Sarno, Yaschar Scheyda, Jonatan Schwenk, Moritz Uebele, Rudolf Weißbeck und Sabrina Winter.

Leslie Bauer / Dorn-Assenheim, dokumentary, 2012, loop: Images from a backyard in Dorn-Assenheim. Every year muslims gather in this remote place of the Wetterau region to celebrate Eid al-Adha, the Festival of Sacrifice. Each family sacrifices one lamb.

Jos Diegel / Kollektivfilm, 35mm / video, 4:51 min, 2012, loop: The film is meant to be a cinematographic experiment focused on the results of self-definition and abuse of collective scenery by personal involvement. 50 people participate during an exhibiton in the German Film Museum in the production process of a collective film by writing on, scratching, drawing and sampling 35mm film material.

Boris Dörning / PULS, 2 min, 2012, loop: A glimpse into an hypnotising, pulsating, breathing space.

Merlin Flügel / Peripherie, animation, 2012, loop: I draw a line over my hip and over the tray with the drinks. Connexions are established, holes are drilled, bridges constructed and teared down again. Movements leave traces on the window.

André Kirchner / kaldi (windstärke 4 - frische brise), 3:30 min, 2012, loop: Standstill is death. /Smoke signs from Iceland.

Andrew Meyer / fahrtüberkopf, 2012, loop: In fahrtüberkopf classic music by Buchwald-Finkbeiner-Joneleit-Zeller, title # 07 is combined with a bike ride through the Indonesian city Denpasar in Bali, presented upside-down.

Eva Münnich / Tell me something i don´t know yet, 3:44 min, 2010, loop: The sentence „Tell me something I don’t know yet“ is projected oversize into black. It is put together from colourful letters, known out of advertisements and referring to a request which is nearly unfulfillable in connection to art and consume. In the background of the letters scemes from a metro ride through Paris are to be seen. Paris with the Eifel tower known by everyone is put in as the obvious background to the call for new things.

Aleksandar Radan / Frau kennengelernt, TV/Video, 2012, loop: A romantic story of getting to know one's wife put into the mouth of the man in the film. The film is made up as narrative live improvisation parallel to mute TV imagery.

Maximilian Reimann / Panoramapar, 2:43 min, 2012, loop: For Panoramapark I have resampled 8mm footage. On the one hand this footage illustrates memories of the artist, on the other hand the scenes add up to a completely different topic, to the topic of movement. Both issues grow together to one in showing clear, yet washy images of the past. Music: Dominik Keggenhoff

Oliver Rossol / -Reise-, 4:15 min, 2012, loop: Fleeting impressions of a small town break through the manky scratched flickering of super 8 film.

David Sarno / Haut, 2012, loop: Two bodies. Skin to skin. Tangency armies. Cruel beauty.

Yaschar Scheyda / Me In You, 3 min, 2012, loop: One more night I am going to fight out there in the city being built as sophisticatedly so as you should forget me even during daytime. Your image along walkways whispers to me your door is tired of saving me
when I am about to drown between your houses. I am coming in now!

Jonatan Schwenk und Maximilian Reimann / NEUNUNDACHTZIG, Stop motion animation, 2:30 min, 2012, HD, loop: Something is bound to happen in No-Man's-Land around the wall. One young man though dares to climb the barricade. With this awkward protest he sets a sign which unwillingly becomes a motivator for the crowd. The ironic tale is inspried by true incidences and could have happened not only in Berlin in 1989 but also these days somewhere in the world.

Moritz Uebele / Hooray, Boohoo, 3:19 / 3:30 min, 2010, Super 8 transfer, loop: Hooray has evolved from the curiousity about techniques of Direct Film and was produced on one coil of Super 8 film. Boohoo is also made from one coil of Super 8 film which has been painted with black ink and permanent marker.

Rudolf Weißbeck / lalabla, 2012, loop: lalabla is using the Slit-Scan method.

Sabrina Winter / Supermarkt, 2 min, 2012, loop: A human crowd looks at us through a shop window. Money hovers over their heads. Goods are moving by, an old man counts his money.