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Faster Than Light


It all started with a bang.. Then light... Before the crash, a memory: two emerging interdisciplinary artists, Japanese-American Kentaro Kumanomido and German-American Teaque Owen at Onassis Stegi — A queering occurs, a spontaneous mutation... A death, in Athens... A murder, in Athens... A death...

Zak Kostopoulos (1985-2018) was an Athens-based Greek-American drag artist and political activist who died at the hands of the Municipal Athenian Police during the daylight hours of 21 September 2018—the event was filmed by civilian bystanders whose cell phone footage was broadcast widely over Greek internet and TV. Faster Than Light (FTL) documents Kostopoulos as his drag persona Zakie Oh! in Athens alongside members of Zak/Zackie's artistic milieu. As a work of multiform cinema, FTL invites viewers to experience the grief and gratitude inspired by Zak/Zackie as one of the most prominent LGBTQIA+ activists in Greece. FTL has appeared in various iterations at Onassis Stegi, Ars Electronica’s ERROR Festival, Les Rencontres Bandits-Mages, and Athens Pride Week.

This work was realised within the framework of the European Media Art Platforms (EMAP) programme at Onassis Stegi (GR) with support of the Creative Europe Culture Programme of the European Union.