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Film programme: Colourful Sounds

Europa Radio

NL 1931

The Dadaist painter and filmmaker Hans Richter is considered one of the most important representatives of early abstract film in Germany. In the years leading up to and after his emigration in 1933 he produced films of great artistic quality, which were commissioned by various industrial organizations and enterprises, including the Swiss Werkbund, the Swiss Stock Exchange and the Dutch electronics company Philips. Europa Radio is a hymn to the short-wave radio station PCJJ in Eindhoven, which Philips began operating in 1927 and that broadcast all over the world in different languages. The film presents the spectrum of programmes that ran throughout the day – from economic news, to sports reports, to concerts, to the speech held by Albert Einstein for the opening of the Berlin Funkausstellung in August 1930.

Hans Richter, NL 1931, 9 min

Excerpt "Europa Radio"