Übergordnete Werke und Veranstaltungen

eternal sunshine

DE 2006

Representations of happiness and promises of redemption have a strong visual presence in our everyday iconographic experience. In advertising and entertainment, there is the motif of final redemption, the goal of a blessed state that is to be achieved through trials and tribulations. Although the plots might be set in a secularized world, their orientation towards a paradisiacal condition of carefree joy takes on a quasi-religious connotation.
Is the principle "happy end" an extension of the search for the promised land? Do the promises of redemption in the world of advertising announce a possible arrival?
The frequency and vehemence of this kind of projection results in a media-produced pressure to be happy, conjuring constant visions of a state of eternal happiness and sunshine.

Eternal Sunshine is an audiovisual performance that picks up the archetypes of the experience of happiness. Key visions of happiness are marked and manipulated on a screen. By way of an input module, the audience can vote whether the blessed happy state should be increased or weakened - a certain number of votes triggers a change in mood.

audiovisuelle Performance
von d.m. hirsch und Familie Blender, Halle, Berlin, Wien

eternal sunshine