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Werkleitz Festival 2008 Amerika


DE 2008

The artists' collective Michael Böhler, Franz Hoefner and Harry Sachs will translate the present infrastructure of the Werkleitz Festival into a monumental sculpture dedicated to America. This piece of work will on the one hand be visible from outside and, on the other, will completely accommodate the Festival within its bounds. "Recycled materials"/ "secondary raw materials", "timber"/ "Sprelacart", "jeans"/ "double-cap-seamed trousers" through to "DIY"/ "home-craft materials" constitute the double-edged vocabulary that will comprise this monument. A landscape will emerge in which diverse impulses from what was formerly the new world will be merged and condensed in order to create a visually startling, visionary subsidiary branch of America: erikaLand.
The cosmos America observed from afar: all that is unfocussed, all the misunderstandings garnered from the huge store of personal memories and presumptions, which ensued from the transatlantic relationship will be employed and reconfigured in new contexts according to the "Chinese Whispers" method. White trash will clash with German home comforts, American pioneer spirit meet the aesthetics of garden allotments.
Multi-layered interpretations of the traces, influences and visions left by the United States of America in and on the united state of Germany will be used to construct a personal utopian state: take it easy altes Haus, loosely based on Karl May's "The Valley of the Clueless".