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Double Life

Or the use of escapism in commercial advertising. Double Life takes us through the snapshots of life led by many different individuals – we peek as they confess. In front of the camera – in front of us – these people are being honest about the things they do outside their regular lives. They're even explaining how it might not be believable at first, but they have done things – things that in reality might seem rather inconceivable. We are all different, and we all have our own way of living. Often that lifestyle can become repetitive and dull. That's when we start to dream and wish for something to happen. Something that will take us far above our daily problems and routines. A challenge, an experience, something that makes as human. “You may not think it, to look of me, but I have commanded armies, and conquered worlds.”
Courtesy of TBWA, Brussels.

PlayStation 2
Double Life 0:59 min, engl

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